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5 hours ago

Trailer Roundup - February 14, 2017


Flowers, cooperation, giant alien bugs, and potatoes in space - this Trailer Roundup has all of that. And bunnies.

Into The Breach

Windows, OSX, Linux | $TBA | Release TBA

[embedded content]

From developer Subset Games: "The remnants of human civilization are threatened by gigantic creatures breeding beneath the earth. You must control powerful mechs from the future to hold off this alien threat." Follow-up title to FTL? Music by Ben Prunty? Mechas fighting giant alien bugs? Hot damn.

13 hours ago

The Nintendo Switch Has No Competition

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As more details gradually leak out pertaining towards the incoming Nintendo Switch, the variety of comparisons to existing techniques always grow. The Actual gaming community seems to be split at this point, having a seemingly even number of people that are both excited for the Swap as well as that are lambasting it thanks for you to its apparent limitations compared to the other systems. for those people on the negative facet of the fence, heres the believed your switch isnt contending with these other systems.

Nintendo ha

14 hours ago

Persona 5 still knows how to keep it weird in the Velvet Room

That gum you like is going to come back in style

The Velvet Room is probably one of my favorite recurring elements in recentPersona games. Make reference to the speaks with regards to R4 card ,An important Nintendo3DS analysis community.Even if they have their own casts and distinct styles, I love having that one strange location to return to that ties it all together. In case you haven't heard, it's coming back in Persona 5, and based on this footage, with a vengeance.

As a reminder, the Velvet Room is.

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a place that exists "between dream and reality," and you can end up there while dozing off. It's a lot like theBlack and White Lodges from Twin Peaks-- but it's not nearly as dangerous as the former, and you can alter your personas there (much like demons in SMTproper).

Or you can avoid any sort of info and go into Persona 5blind -- as I've said many times, I'm not your dad.

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1 day ago

Hyper-futuristic Racer Lightfield Coming to PS4

Its quite an exciting time for us right now, seeing all our time, labor, and passion finally culminate in this announcement of Lightfield on Sky3DS . It was a very intense time for us we founded our own indie studio Lost in the Garden, put in a lot of time and effort, learned so many new things, and also made many new friends on the way. There are still exciting times ahead, but for now, lets take a look back to see whats behind and how it all came to be

[embedded content]

We are a team of four (Julia, Raimund, Matthias, and me) from Vienna, Austria with a background in both art and tech, as well as interactive media and games. It all started three or four years ago when we first got together over a weekend to try out something new. Go here to obtain most up to date kernel for xbox.Matthias initial inspiration was Slipstream 5000, a classic from 1995, and we wanted to try a new mix of racing and flying with a dash of futurism.

The first results were very far from how Lightfield looks and plays now, but we felt that there was already something worth pursuing, or at least enough for us to spend some more weekends on it.

The game concept gradually evolved, and at some point early on we introduced the main concept of spinning the ship around and aligning it with the track geometry. The controls were still a bit cumbersome more flying than racing but it already was a lot of fun and opened up new and interesting possibilities for us. The concept of a racing game with no predefined roads, no invisible walls or guide rails, was born.

Still a weekend project at that time, it became more and more clear to us that this is what we wanted to do. With all the positive feedback we received back then the only way forward was to commit to the project and to start working on it full time. We wanted to turn it into a real game, a game that we could see and play on Sky3DS .

Raimund started developing these fascinating, hyper-futuristic worlds, and the characteristic look of the game. Julia designed the tracks around this impossible and.

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abstract architecture. Matthias put everything together into one coherent game. And I spent quite some time on getting the flying/racing behavior of the ships right.

Fast forward two or three years, and this is where we are now: seeing our indie dream slowly becoming a reality. Lightfield became this omnidirectional version of parkour with spaceships where you can attach your ship to any surface, go inverted, and find your own lines through the race tracks and environments.

The game features time trial and classic race modes, as well as online and local split-screen multiplayer. Its an open invitation to explore the worlds beyond the race tracks, to lose oneself in the colorful environments and the driving IDM music by Viennese musician Zanshin.

This announcement might seem like one small step, but for us its one giant leap into the hyperfuture. Well stick around in the comments, so let us know what you think of Lightfield and we will try to answer as many questions as we can.

2 days ago

Half-Life 2 On Super-Low Settings Looks Like Minecraft

LowSpecGamer, who weve previously seen destroying games like The Witcher 3, has done something very special to Half-Life 2, taking what it still a fairly decent-looking shooter and turning it into something.

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that looks it came out of a 12-hour game jam.

Hes gone well beyond just moving every setting to low, of course, digging into the games files to change a load of values that force low-res polygons and disable nearly all the games effects.


I...really like it.

3 days ago

Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Out February 21 on PS4

Human Conditions, the second DLC for Watch Dogs 2, will be released February 21 on R4i Gold 3DS for Nintendo 3DS/3DS LL/3DS XL . This is our biggest content addition yet, adding more than five hours of gameplay with three brand new DedSec operations, and an Elite Co-op challenge with endless replayability for hardcore hackers.

To give you a little more insight into the narrative and gameplay experience of Human Conditions, we asked producer Fabian Salomon (from the Ubisoft Paris team who developed this DLC) and scriptwriter Ethan Petty some questions.

6 days ago

Niantic Is Going To Add New Features to Pokemon GO Soon

Pokemon GO witnessed any enormous success last July as well as Niantic seems to become ready to unleash newer and more effective content regarding their particular mobile game.

Speaking along with Waypoint, Niantic CEO John Hanke do mention that will new features are coming soon in an abbreviated form, with additional complete versions next right after.

Hanke stated your next for the site:

It features far surpassed our anticipations in just turning everybody on the potential pertaining to video games that break out of the screen. Nevertheless the particular priority with regard to Pokmon Go now's to build inside individuals items that compensate co-operative gameplay, and make experiences available which offer a lot more depth compared to just the capturing mechanic.

Hanke did specifically say for you to Waypoint that trading and also player-versus-player battles take presctiption their own method alongside with a better gym battle system.

Its heading to be done soon. It is specifically what it is. Ill go ahead and take massive wave of hysteria we enjoyed, and merely offer with the fact that its caused us to consider a bit longer to have the rest in the features up. were truly happy to produce our customers happy.

Hanke in addition commented on internet hosting their extremely own events, to always be able to introduce one thing a lot more official towards the table besides the unofficial players-meetings that has been going about in the actual program of the final months.

Id never seen spontaneous, user-created events upon in which scale before My heart is really along with events, along with thats something I actually want us to make an effort to solve within 2017. Its complicated, though, to complete these at the dimensions in which Pokmon Go demands. But, to be able to me, that would be the particular very best demonstration in the vision associated with this company, which is all about playing games together, outside, along with some other people.

Finally, Hanke confirmed that Pokemon GOs original tracker wont end up being returning. He also gave several reasons for this decision. :

The. To look for even more related information on the subject of the most recently released jailbreak products for Nintendo Console, check this .tracker sort of fills any certain require within the particular product. As stated from the biggest designer team about R4 3DS .I consider the harder intriguing factor for me personally just isn't extending the actual tracker, yet basically making the entire world richer as well as adding much more ways to interact together with new kinds regarding issues inside the world.

Written by simply Hektor Apostolopoulos

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